Testimonials for Sonoma Dog Boarding in Santa Rosa

A vacation in the wine country for your dog.



"Badger was one of Sylvia's first guests at her new in home dog boarding business. I knew, since Sylvia is familiar with greyhounds, that he would be safe and happy for the two and a half days he spent with her. He enjoyed three walks a day, lolling about in the sun, and learning to "find" treats in a Kong toy. And though of course he was happy to see us when we returned, I noticed him following Sylvia around as we collected his belongings to take home! He already has reservations for Thanksgiving! Thanks Sylvia."


- Sue Rowlands





Hamish"Sylvia, once again I'm in your debt for providing such a perfect home away from home - even better than home if I'm interpreting his answers to my quiz as to "how was your vacation, dear", correctly!
I know a couple of people thought I was crazy to plan a two thousand mile round trip from home in Arizona and back just to leave him with you but he's an old boy now and I'm not willing to go off and have a good time if I think he's miserable - hence the drive. Anyway, he's great company on a road trip, doesn't object to my music and doesn't argue with my political point of view!

Thank you also for brightening his days by providing an array of dazzling old girls, and a couple of young ones, to entertain him. He tells me he fell head over heels for Rita but your security net was so tight they had no chance to carry through the planned elopement. He'll be back, just make sure Rita is around."


- Gerry Hogan
Tucson AZ





"Right from the git-go Max was totally relaxed around you and feels comfortable in your home (love the picture!).We have had quite a bit of experience with dog care over the years, and you are the best! You have a true kinship with dogs, keep them in a safe and friendly environment and make sure they have good care and plenty of exercise. He is just laying around this morning after a get home love fest last evening. What a sweetie he is. He is very sensitive to people and his surroundings, and has shown some anxiety in situations, but not with you! We are so happy to have found you. Promise you will not move away!"


- Cindy







"SYLVIA!!!!! - You are just a doll, and so warm and fun for Cubbie. She must have been so happy. I love the pics. She looks so happy and almost young. I am so thankful to Pam P. for recommending you.

Thank you so much; Cubbie will come again for sure."


Molto thanks - Sue





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