Rates for Sonoma Dog Boarding in Santa Rosa

A vacation in the wine country for your dog.


What your dog(s) will get:

A loving home atmosphere, companionship, regular meal-times and at least two walks per day.
Sonoma Dog Boarding only takes up to two clients at a time, or two dogs per family.


What you will bring:

• Bed(s)
• Food to last the entire time you will be gone
• Any treats allowed
• Food bowls
• Leash (no retractable leashes please)
• Proof of vaccinations
• Proof of Bordetella shot


$30 per dog between 8:00am and 6:00pm.


$40 per dog or two dogs from the same household $75.

$15 per half an hour walk from your home.


A 10% Discount will apply to all bookings in excess of 14 days. Only one discount or promotion per booking.

Payment Methods:

Payment accepted in CASH or CHECK. An additional charge may be applied to special needs pets.

A minimum of one week stay may be required over major holidays.

At Sonoma Dog Boarding, we begin with a “meet and sniff” with you and your dog, to determine compatibility.


All dogs must be completely house-trained and socialized with other dogs and people.


Once your dog has been approved for boarding, we require that you complete an in-depth profile on each of your dogs, provide veterinarian information, proof of vaccinations and Bordetella shot. To view or download our contract click here.


At the time of boarding, we require your detailed itinerary while you are away. This will also include phone contacts plus an alternate in case you cannot be reached. This ensures that in an emergency you or your designated alternate can be contacted quickly. If you are able to access email whilst away, we can provide information on how your dog(s) have settled in, and any pertinent information as often as you wish, or not at all if you prefer.


For more information and to set up a free consultation with your dog(s), please call Sylvia at 707-318-2083


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