Sonoma Dog Boarding in Santa Rosa

A vacation in the wine country for your dog.


When you have to go away, putting your dog into a kennel is expensive and stressful, for you and your dog. Now there is an affordable option in Santa Rosa, that will leave you with peace of mind and your dog will have a vacation!

Sonoma Dog Boarding is unique because your canine companion(s) will have undivided attention and companionship. dog having funIn a kennel dogs are penned in cages - traumatic for them and a worry for you. Standard dog sitters come and visit your house to feed and walk your dog but your pet will be alone for most of the day and all of the night. At Sonoma Dog Boarding, your dog will have company both day and night, and will rarely be left alone. With the run of the house and a safe yard to play in, apart from missing you, your dog will undoubtedly have a good time.

Sonoma Dog Boarding's philosophy is simple; your pet's stay should be as close to their regular home life as possible. Due to Homeowner regulations, we take no more than two dogs at a time. Our first concern is safety for your pet, so when “only dogs” are paired we carefully check for compatibility based on our knowledge of the individual dogs. Dogs are introduced in a carefully controlled manner, and any sign of aggression on either dog's part, precludes boarding them together. However, most dogs are happy to meet new friends and enjoy a little canine companionship.


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Sonoma Dog Boarding is two cozy, dog friendly houses in the quiet neighborhood of Oakmont, in between Santa Rosa and Sonoma. It features large, safe, fenced back yards and gates that are kept locked. Owner Sylvia Edwards has had lots of experience in the past, leaving her dogs in the care of kennels or pet sitters, the good, the bad and the downright scary! With that in mind, in starting Sonoma Dog Boarding, she drew upon that experience. Both Sylvia and Pam have many years of experience in business and education respectively, and are known for their integrity and love of animals.






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